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Legal Theft – Stealing Business From the Competition

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Legal Theft by businesses:

There are many business owners who have mastered one or two effective ways of acquiring new customers. This strategy might work well for some time but understandably is a very risky one as any single stream of business might dry out at one point – whether it is recommendations, referrals or Internet marketing.

Diversity on the other hand builds strength and by creating multiple systems that generate customers for you, you in effect create little streams. Some of the streams are a little trickle; others have a nice flow. But each of the streams is aimed to filling your businesses with new customers each day. Once very effective stream of new business could come from those customers who are already in need of your product or service but who, for one reason or another chose to give their business not to you but to your competitors. I have recently learned with much interest about a number of very effective techniques to use to pick the best possible business directly from your competitors.

So this is how you do this:

Stealing Business From the Competition
by Art Sobczak

If you place prospecting calls (I hope Smart Calls), you probably often hear “I already buy from X Company” or “We’re happy with who we’re using.”

I know, at this point you feel like saying “X Company! What a bunch of losers. How can you be so dumb?”

Almost as bad—and what many salespeople actually do—is data-dumping a pitch, explaining why your company is better. It’s confrontational and only causes the prospect to harden his defenses.

Another strategy is to simply make a quick exit. Which… READ FULL BLOG

B2B East London: Stealing Business From the Competition | Art Sobczak\\’s Telesales Blog

Internet Lawyer Yair Cohen

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