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How to Remove Internet Pages from Google

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It is possible to remove web content from Google quickly and here is how to do it:

Defamation solicitor: Internet Law Centre

Internet Law Centre. Keeping domain names secure

You do need to bear in mind however, the recent data which was published by Google which shows the type of requests to remove web content that Google is likely to accept.

This is good information to have for anyone who is involved in any sort of business or has been the subject of a recent threat of internet defamation against them. Unfortunately … Read More on Internet Law Expert  Blog.

By Yair Cohen

The Internet Law Centre



  1. Internet defamation is a growing problem, I was really pleased to find this service launched by a solicitor local to me last week.

  2. Yair Cohen says:

    We used to publish a process that enabled users to push down in search results bad web pages. However SEO to fix reputation issues is in effect redundant as Google becomes smarter in identifying search engine manipulations. SEO works short term if at all so we now recommend permanent removal of the pages by using a variety of legal tools.

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