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What Is A Google Bomb

A Google Bomb. What a scary phrase. Surely you must have heard this term being used before and wondered what it actually meant. 

So what does the term “Google Bomb” really mean, how can a Google Bomb affect you or your business and what can you do to protect yourself from being a victim?


Find a ‘live’ example of a mini Google Bomb on my Internet Law Expert blog.


Follow this link to read the full article on How To Create A Google Bomb

Internet Law Experts: What Is A Google Bomb | Internet Lawyers | via Internet Law Experts: What Is A Google Bomb | Internet Defamation


How To Create A Google Bomb! Internet Lawyer Explains

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Online reputation attacks could be significantly more powerful when videos are used.

By: Yair Cohen

Having your reputation tarnished all over the internet is bad. But having your reputation destroyed with an online video is absolutely devastating.

Since taking over YouTube, Google appears to be on a mission to turn the internet into a multimedia medium and so are the other major search engines. It is believed that Google uses positive discrimination in order to encourage the use of video on the internet and as a result, it gives priority to video results which contain the searched keywords as well as to web pages which contain videos.

This means that online videos could be used as an explosive weapon by those who wish to harm your online reputation. Online videos can be optimised to obtain good placements without the search engines in exactly the same way that optimisation is done for a web page. In fact, some argue it is much easier to obtain high places in the search engines with videos than with web pages. At the moment, online videos remain a major reputational weakness for many businesses. But this weakness can be turned into strength very quickly.

You can create a relatively inexpensive yet highly effective reputational defence shield to make it harder to attack your reputation on the internet.

How Can I Remove Defamatory Websites? Internet Law Expert Internet Defamation

Online Reputation – Injunction Against Google: How To Remove A Website « Internet Law Expert

How Can I Remove Defamatory Websites?

In the past few weeks we removed over 40 defamatory websites, which up until then, devastated our clients’ reputation.

We removed a vast number of defamatory videos from YouTube and we managed to remove a popular, yet defamatory article against a successful businessman from a national news website.

We sought and won injunctions against YouTube, Google Inc, Firefox and other internet giants around the world and successfully enforced them all in the UK, the USA, Canada and other countries.

We gave one decent, hard-working online retailer his business back following savage online reputation attacks against him and his company by competitors.

We advised a client who owns an international franchise company on how to deal with online attacks by a former employee. These constant attacks were estimated to have cost the company in excess of £300,000!

We have also helped the owners of a national services company to form their first ever online reputation strategy following a devastating online reputation attack against them by both a competitor and a former employee, which cost them their biggest contact.

So this is how it is done… Read Full Blog on Internet Law Expert

via Online Defamation – Injunction Against Google « Internet Law Expert.

By: Yair Cohen

Internet Law Expert – Defamation of Character

In response to the many requests by our friends and colleagues, I have now put together a short article explaining in simple language the law on defamation of character.
Basically, the purpose of the law surrounding defamation of character is to protect an individual’s reputation. As is the case with most areas of law, there is a delicate balance, which must be achieved between a person’s reputation on the one hand and another’s right to speak their mind.
For a defamation claim to succeed in England, three elements first need to be made out:

Internet Law Expert

By: Yair Cohen

Legal Theft – Stealing Business From the Competition

Legal Theft by businesses:

There are many business owners who have mastered one or two effective ways of acquiring new customers. This strategy might work well for some time but understandably is a very risky one as any single stream of business might dry out at one point – whether it is recommendations, referrals or Internet marketing.

Diversity on the other hand builds strength and by creating multiple systems that generate customers for you, you in effect create little streams. Some of the streams are a little trickle; others have a nice flow. But each of the streams is aimed to filling your businesses with new customers each day. Once very effective stream of new business could come from those customers who are already in need of your product or service but who, for one reason or another chose to give their business not to you but to your competitors. I have recently learned with much interest about a number of very effective techniques to use to pick the best possible business directly from your competitors.

So this is how you do this:

Stealing Business From the Competition
by Art Sobczak

If you place prospecting calls (I hope Smart Calls), you probably often hear “I already buy from X Company” or “We’re happy with who we’re using.”

I know, at this point you feel like saying “X Company! What a bunch of losers. How can you be so dumb?”

Almost as bad—and what many salespeople actually do—is data-dumping a pitch, explaining why your company is better. It’s confrontational and only causes the prospect to harden his defenses.

Another strategy is to simply make a quick exit. Which… READ FULL BLOG

B2B East London: Stealing Business From the Competition | Art Sobczak\\’s Telesales Blog

Internet Lawyer Yair Cohen

Free Business Networking – B2B East London: Meeting On 09/11/2010 B2B East London

This week’s meeting is devoted to learning new easy and proven ways to generate new business by using simple text. You will discover:

How you can take advantage of B2B’s new website to generate regular flow of new business to your company.

How to capitalise on your own knowledge, experience and the business you already have to generate constant flow of new clients

How to become ‘the expert’ in your field

How to turn your own knowledge library into a money generating machine

How to create FREE links to your website

Why article marketing is the best way of marketing for any business

How you can chose your specific market target by using B2B website

How you can, by spending 5 minutes a day, increase the traffic to your website dramatically

How you can develop a complete new business by just spending a few minutes a week writing some articles

How you can make the whole world aware of what you do

How you can turn 1 job into 5

And more…..

Yair Cohen

Yair Cohen, an internet law specialist 

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